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Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Dear Confused ,

I am a 34-year-old Taurus (born April 25, 1980 at 9:28 a.m.), and I'm married to an Aries man who was born April 9, 1977. We have been together for over 17 years, and we have five children. To make a long story short, we split up in August of last year, and I found out he was cheating. My jealous side wanted him back, but I think I have made a huge mistake, because the anger inside me can't get over the fact that he was in the public eye with another woman while being a married man. Since he's back in the home, I don't find myself wanting him the way I did years before. I would love to continue being friends. I don't know if something is wrong with me. Should I try to make it work? Or should I just call it quits and move on? --


eugeniaAlthough your astrological comparison with your husband does show some emotional deception and sorrow with regard to his behavior/cheating and secret affairs, it is obvious that you do care for each other emotionally and mentally. The physical connection is also strong. However, he may have ruined that for you with his infidelity.

     The problem you will have regardless of the decision you make is trust. You will never be able to trust him to not cheat again, and at the same time, you will tend to feel jealous when he is with someone other than you.

     You are in a high cycle regarding finding love and indulging in new relationships with other people. Consider stepping outside your current situation and seeing if someone else can help you move on from the no-win situation you are in right now. First, though, you must establish friendship with your ex. Start by communicating and developing an understanding that regardless of what the two of you decide to do with your marriage, your five children come first. If you can manage to accomplish an amicable relationship, you can both win in the end.


Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Dear Uncertain,

I was born Oct. 26, 1986, at 12:45 p.m. Every time I get into a new relationship, I'm haunted by my ex, born Oct. 22, 1985, at 10:40 a.m. We went through a lot of hardships together, including addiction and a life-threatening illness. We always thought that we were fated to stay together. We are now separated by circumstance, both living clean and sober, thousands of miles apart and in new relationships. It seems that we are each on new paths, but it is hard for both of us to move on.

     I have now fallen madly in love with a man born on Feb. 24, 1978, at 6:17 p.m. Our relationship is absolutely amazing, and I feel that I could spend the rest of my life with this man and have his babies and live happily ever after. However, because it has happened a couple times before in the last two years, I fear that my uncertainty about my ex will interrupt this new relationship. I would like to move forward and be certain about my new love...  --


eugeniaFirst, let me clarify that your chart indicates that you are far more disciplined and able to stay clean than your ex, making it vital that you do not contact him or pursue that relationship -- no matter how drawn to him you feel.

     Your comparison with your ex was riddled with complications, sorrow and a lack of opportunity. Yes, you were physically attracted to each other, but that isn't enough, especially given the circumstances.

     The reason you have doubts about the new man in your life isn't due to the feelings you are holding for your ex. It has to do with being emotionally deceptive with him regarding your past. Your Pisces man's chart indicates that he has a propensity to be overindulgent or to attract partners who are.

     Your comparison indicates that mentally and physically you have a pretty nice connection and that you actually could make it as a couple if you can maintain your sobriety and not drag him into indulgent situations.

     You have been overreacting since last summer, making it difficult to see your situation clearly. This should improve as we approach the summer months. Give this relationship and yourself a chance to see where it goes. Also, you should consider your career objectives and strive to raise your qualifications this year. Working toward a better tomorrow will help you put the past behind you.

Q: Dear Eugenia,

A: Dear In Limbo,

I'm a male Taurus, age 32 (born May 3, 1982, at 3:07 a.m.), and my ex is a 34-year-old Aries (born April 18, 1980). We've been together for six years, but broke up recently. She claims she loves me, but she's tired of the back and forth. She has an 8-year-old daughter.

     The initial courting phase when we met wasn't an easy one. She approached me, and we hit it off pretty well -- even though I vowed not to get involved with anyone with children. I'm glad I changed my mind, but during our early stages, we had a lot of problems dealing with some things she didn't make clear. Her support system isn't the best, and that put a damper on our time together. We couldn't go out too often. She lied about finishing college as well. I overlooked everything and wanted to press on.

     I'm at a crossroads between if I should be patient and see what happens as she claims she still loves me. She continues to have her mail come to my place, and her belongings are still here as well. My feeling is that I would rather her just be done already if we are not going to make a go of it.

     I recently met a really nice Capricorn, born Dec. 24, 1987, but I'm taking it slow. I don't want it to be a rebound situation. So is my ex likely to reconcile, or should I just wipe my hands of the situation and look to the future? She's definitely sending mixed signals, but we haven't talked as much in the past few months. Please advise? --

In Limbo



eugeniaThe comparison with your Aries lady indicates sorrow and emotional deception. Although you do hit it off mentally and physically, there isn't enough to hold this relationship together. She is very child-oriented, even if she indicates otherwise, and your initial reluctance to get involved with someone who has children and the problems it can present probably weigh much heavier on her mind than you realize.

     As for your Capricorn connection, the astrological comparison is better emotionally and physically, but it lacks mentally. There is no sign of sorrow, but it also shows a lack of opportunity now or in the future.

     Your chart denotes that you should be focusing on your career between now and the fall, when you will begin to have greater opportunities to find love.

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