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Readers Email for the week of May 24, 2015

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Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Help,

I had a really rough time the past few years, suffering from one illness after another that left me bedridden due to heavy drug use and malnutrition. I was on my deathbed in early February, and I told myself the ego was fired and I needed my healthy side to take over my life now. The next morning, the feds came and arrested me. I spent 40 days in the hospital and the medical ward of jail, and I am now at a halfway house, completely sober and getting proper nutrition for the first time in many years.

     I've been given a chance to live a healthy, normal life, and I don't think I could have done it any other way. There is, however, a very scary possibility in my future that could take away the prime years of my life that I've just gotten back. I have been told I have one chance to learn to live sober without breaking any laws, and I am to secure employment and housing. If I can do so, I might not have to do time in prison.

     I want to know if you think I should focus on my health and healing, which might mean doing time; preparing myself mentally for that is going to be a hard one. Or is this a time I need to put all my energy into getting a killer job and really pull it together to save my life and freedom. I already have an interview for a room in the exact sober living house I want to live, but I need a job for that route to work out.

     I am so happy I've been saved, and as bad as this situation could be for most, every aspect of it has been a blessing for me so far. Either route I end up with, I will accept as the next part of my life journey, but if you can offer any advice or guidance, it would be greatly appreciated. I was born Feb. 4, 1981, at 10:10 a.m. --


eugeniaI believe you can make it, but the job and a lifestyle that is built on routine will be the only way to do so. Your chart indicates that either route will help you through to the next stage of your life. If you do time, you will get the structure you need, and if you work hard, you will probably not do substantial time. If you can get a job that is not only acceptable by the courts but also challenging enough to hold your interest, you will also be successful.

     Idle time is your enemy. You are smart and could easily work in areas that allow you to give back. Helping a cause you believe in or working with an organization that you have something to contribute to will be vital to your progress.

     Regardless of which path you travel, it will not be easy, especially during the summer and early fall. If given the freedom to live and work in your community, expect to face some challenges that can alter your direction if you don't abide by the rules and regulations set by the courts.

     You were born with a good chart in terms of being innovative, creative and intelligent, but you aren't the most disciplined individual, which has and always will be your dilemma, making structure, organization and good people to guide you a must.    


Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Dear Disillusioned Sag,

I am a Sagittarius born Nov. 29, 1968, at 10:30 p.m. I am happy, positive and always game for lighthearted fun after rolling up sleeves and putting in a good/solid day of work -- typical Archer.

     I have started a new job in the field of graphic design, which I love. However, I cannot seem to get my bearings. I am at a company I should be a real leader at and mesh with everyone, but I am the odd person out. I have always gotten along with everyone, including upper management and my immediate boss. But here, I have no connection to anyone, and my work is suffering. I seem to be spiraling into a bottomless pit. Don't get me wrong: I am not being negative, just honest.

     I am sure there is a life lesson in this situation. Especially considering Saturn is passing through Sagittarius currently. But I have always had the golden lucky touch, which I have been able to count on, along with my propensity to work super hard and being really good at what I do. Plus, I consider myself to be a decent person.

     I guess I figured what my mom always told me is right follows right, and good follows good. However, it does not appear to be going that way for me right now. Even with my marriage, I seem to give 200 percent, and I seem to be forgotten and not valued. It probably sounds like I am feeling sorry for myself. I am not! It's just that I am now over 40, and for the first time ever in my professional career, I am concerned that come Monday, I will be canned. I worry that I will disappear from being too nice in my marriage and life. I would appreciate any insight you can offer. --

Disillusioned Sag,

eugeniaLet me begin by saying that if you are canned from the job you are currently in, it's because there will be another job that's better suited to you just around the corner.
     Yes, you do have transiting Saturn moving through your Sun sign, and yes, it is playing havoc with you where your relationship is concerned, causing depression and second-guessing, but it isn't as bad as you imagine.

     One of the problems you are experiencing is due to transiting Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and opportunity, but when it passes over your ascendant, it often clouds your vision or causes you to overreact -- unless you make a point of using this energy wisely. My suggestion is to focus on rekindling your relationship with your husband. Start by making him aware of how you feel. Do this coupled with doing things that will get you excited about life again. By this, I mean get into fitness, pick up a hobby, make some new friends who enjoy doing the same things you do, etc.

     It is apparent that some of the problems you are experiencing will come to a head over the summer months. It's important that you accept the inevitable and adjust during this period. In doing so, the end result will be beneficial.

     Transiting Saturn while passing through Sagittarius will give you the discipline to re-evaluate and terminate what is not working for you anymore. So begin the process and start purging.

Q: Dear Eugenia,

A: Libra in Love

I am a male born Oct. 20, 1946. For the past seven months I've been in a relationship with a Gemini man born June 7, 1975. There's no doubt we love each other. However, we face a couple of challenges. He is bisexual and is going through changes in his sexuality. I have no way to contact him because he has no phone or computer. I need your help and insight as to how to move forward together to nurture our love and the bliss we share. --

Libra in Love



eugeniaI see your dilemma. The astrological comparison is quite favorable; however, your Gemini lover is not the most stable partner for you. His chart indicates that not only is he charming and playful, he is more than likely a bed bouncer, and that doesn't bode well for someone like you who is strongly influenced by the possessive and passionate sign Scorpio.

     As much as I feel you have a connection with your Gemini man, it is more likely to end as suddenly as it began or turn into a hurtful on-and-off relationship. Please protect your heart as you move forward as I'm certain by your chart you aren't likely to dismiss or give up on your Peter Pan-like companion.

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