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Readers Email for the week of May 22, 2016

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Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Frightened Pisces,  

I left my ex-husband after one year of marriage and when my daughter was 6 months old -- now she is 15. We have lived in the same community for 15 years, surrounded by my mother and extended family. My daughter is very happy here and is a super athlete and on the honor role.

     I am a recovering alcoholic, and I relapsed six months ago. I was taken to the hospital and released when I sobered up. I went into treatment and am sober now. I have had long-term double-digit sobriety in the past.

     My daughter was at my mother's when this incident occurred. Since my mother was notified, my daughter found out. My mother reached out to my estranged brother, believing he would be a source of support (he has never supported me). He then contacted my sister and father, who contacted my ex-husband.

     My mother and extended family are supporting my competency as a mother. However, my brother, sister and father (who live in different states) are supporting my ex. It appears that they may help my ex get residential custody. I am very scared. Should I be worried? What do you anticipate? My birthdate is March 31, 1961, at 10:55 p.m. --

Frightened Pisces

eugeniaIt is difficult to be specific without your ex-husband's and daughter's birth data, but I can tell you that the limitations and frustrations that have been surrounding the area of your chart that deal with your home environment and your reputation will be lifting in late November. If you can push any decisions until after that time, it's in your best interest.

     I believe there is an age when a child can choose to stay with his or her parent. You should be spending your time reinforcing your relationship with your daughter and making sure she feels comfortable that you can remain sober and continue to be the good parental figure you have obviously been in the past.

     Everyone makes mistakes, and no one is perfect. Let your years of sobriety give you the strength you need to overcome this situation.


Q: Dear Eugenia, A:Aries in Love,

I was born March 23, 1944, around 7 p.m., and I have been a widower for the last six years. I found my first love almost 50 years ago -- she was born July 17, 1941. At the time, she had problems with her family, and we broke up after a couple of years, though we did keep in touch for a while. I finally gave up and married someone and she did the same, but I have always known she is the love of my life. Fast-forward to now, we meet again, and she says that I have always been the love of her life as well.

     Is there any chance that things will work out this time around? --

Aries in Love

eugeniaThe astrological comparison with your Cancer friend indicates mental and emotional deception, along with uncertainty. I believe you are two ships passing in the night; although you have had several encounters throughout life, it isn't meant to be. There definitely is a spark between the two of you, but long-term, the comparison doesn't have the stamina to last due to unexpected and unwanted reasons.

     When it comes to commitment and marital contracts, health issues and legal complications, your comparison indicates plenty of uncertainty and limitations. If you can maintain a friendship without jeopardizing your current life situations, that's about the best you can offer each other.

Q: Dear Readers,

A: Taurus Lady,

I'm with a Cancer man who I am very much in love with, and I believe he feels the same. He was born July 9, 1969. Neither of us has ever been married or have kids. Both of us very much want to get married and start a family; however, we are both getting older. I was born May 10, 1980, at 11:46 a.m. Do you see marriage and a baby in the near future? I want so desperately to have children. --

Taurus Lady



eugeniaYour comparison is good on many fronts; however, children may be the downfall of your relationship. You were born with your natal Neptune opposite your natal Venus in an area of your chart that deals with pregnancy and children. This means that you can have difficulties getting pregnant or problems with a child you are raising. Your perspective partner also has his natal Venus in a similar position opposite his natal Neptune. This does not bode well for having children or raising them.

     The rest of the comparison is really nice, and I believe that children should not deter you from seeing where this relationship goes. Your charts do indicate that although it isn't an easy task to take on, fostering children is something that you might want to consider if adopting or pregnancy do not work out for you.

     Consider all your options before giving up. Your charts don't indicate that you cannot become pregnant, just that the likelihood regarding obstacles and problems arising related to pregnancy and children are high.

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