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Readers Email for the week of July 5, 2015

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Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Scared Aries,

I met a man (born Aug. 1, 1966) three years ago. He beat me relentlessly. An FBI profiler told me he is a predator, and he groomed me. I am out of the relationship now, but why do I still struggle so much putting this behind me? I met him when I was going through a very challenging time of my life.

     Will he pay for what he did to me? I am working with the sheriff's department, but why does he thrive and I struggle?

     I moved to a different state only to find myself unemployed within four months. Now I have to return to the city and state where he is in order to work. Will I be OK? He has strangled me and choked me in the past, beyond the beatings with a belt. I felt I was finally free, and now I am having difficulties understanding all of this. Will my future be better? I was born March 21, 1965 at 8:44 a.m. --

Scared Aries

eugeniaYour predator’s chart touches your natal chart in a very unique way. He is very capable of brainwashing and controlling you, given the chance. This means it is vital that you do not submit yourself to any type of interaction with him.

     Should you decide to return to the city and state he lives in and press charges, do so between now and the end of the summer. However, even during this period, it is not wise without police protection and while you have a remote chance of winning.

     Regarding your move: I don’t believe in running from problems, nor do I believe in inviting trouble. If you can find work elsewhere, it would help you both mentally and emotionally put this period of your life behind you.

     If you want to change professions, I suggest you get involved in areas that deal with psychology, helping women, police or investigative work or doing something that requires fine detail and precision. Don’t limit what you can do or where you can go.

     It is important that you have an astrological comparison cast before you get involved with anyone new. Your chart indicates that you are too trusting and therefore attract partners who are controlling.


Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Dear Torn Between,

I was born April 26, 1966, at 11:27 a.m. and am currently in a 28-year marriage to a man born July 4, 1964. Our marriage has become stagnant. I literally had to threaten him with leaving him if he wouldn't show me some sort of affection. He has trouble saying, "I love you" and showing me he actually cares. I do love him, I just feel that we might have grown apart, and I don't know if our marriage is salvageable anymore.

     I recently spent a week with my son and his fiancee, helping them set up for their wedding, and my ex-husband came down several days early, and I saw him for the first time in 13 years. He is in love with me, and he regrets leaving me all those years ago. He wants me back. I look into his blue eyes, and I see all the promises and love there, and I want to go back to him. I love him. He was born August 10, 1961.

     I was only 16 when we got together; he was my whole world, and I was destroyed when he left. He has apologized and admitted it was the biggest mistake of his life, and that karma repaid him 10-fold.

     My heart is torn between these two men. I want to make my marriage work, but at the same time, I want to go to my ex-husband, the one who I loved with all my heart and soul and still love to this day. --

Torn Between

eugeniaI can see your dilemma. The astrological comparison with your current husband is actually extremely favorable emotionally and mentally, but totally lacks physically and passionately. I don’t know that you can ever build up that desire between you. However, you do have so much that you can do together, depending on the stage of life you are at and how you want to live the rest of your time on this planet. I believe honest communication may allow you to figure out a way to hold on to each other and find a way to satisfy both your needs sexually, but that will take a set of rules and regulations that you both agree to and can live with.

     Your ex-husband’s astrological comparison to you is not as honest mentally, but does offer more passion for sure. My concern with taking a backward step is that your Leo is still the man he was all those years ago, and I fear his dishonesty will eventually surface and hurt you again. He is not the one to leave your current husband for. He is just a one-night stand.

     Should you decide to opt for passion over what you can share with your current husband, I suggest you start by looking for the partner who can give you both passion as well as an honest, long-term commitment.      

Q: Dear Eugenia,

A: Sad Taurus,

It’s been five months since my ex and I broke up. (He was born July 6, 1986.) Sometimes I think about him a lot, and when he sees me, he acts like he hates me or completely ignores me. I didn’t do anything to him for him to act like this. He was the one who broke up with me.

     I would love for him to apologize or at least talk to me because he was a jerk. Still, I have feelings for him. Our relationship was intense, and I felt loved with him. It kills me that it seems he got over me so fast. What’s going on? Is there any chance? I was born May 15, 1991, at 12 a.m. --

Sad Taurus



eugeniaThe comparison with your Cancer man wasn’t the greatest, and it was probably a little one-sided. In the long run, he has done you a favor by moving on. He may be a Cancer by Sun sign, but he thinks and loves like a Leo with a strong Sagittarius influence, and that means he isn’t one to settle down early if ever and is unlikely to give his heart totally to one woman.

     As for you, beginning in August you will experience better astrological transits with regard to socializing and finding love. Meeting someone you love more will be the push you need to forget your immature Cancer man who is too much of a coward to admit that he just wasn’t ready to settle down or as into you as you were to him.

     You match up to the signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Note Leo and Sagittarius are not mentioned. You were attracted to your ex-boyfriend's minute Cancer traits, but that just wasn’t enough.

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