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Readers Email for the week of August 28, 2016

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Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Confused Aries,  

I just want to know if a guy friend of mine and I are compatible before we start our relationship over for the second time. This time I feel like I'm going the extra mile trying to win him back, and I'm feeling like he's not back for all the right reasons -- or is it just me? I don't want to mess up again or be hurt again, so I need your advice. I was born April 5, 1988, at 5:36 p.m., and he was born July 22, 1984, at 6:44 p.m. --

Confused Aries

eugeniaThe astrological analyses between your chart and your Leo man's is questionable. Although there is a mental connection, it isn't situated in an area of your chart or his that adds any stability or longevity to your relationship. Your attraction to each other is at a very surface level, making it difficult to go the distance. Deception is apparent regarding what you both want out of a relationship, leading me to believe that one or both of you does only what you think the other wants in order to keep things going.

     Your chart indicates that you will be in a high cycle from mid-August until October and that you should be checking out your options and seeing if you can find love elsewhere. The signs Leo and Aries usually get along well, but in your case, you are a learning experience for him and he will become a taker or user if given the chance. You can both do better and should consider moving on.


Q: Dear Eugenia, A:Libra Looking for Answers,

I have emailed you before about previous relationships, and your advice helped, so here I am again because I have been having a rough time with my transition moving back home with my parents and breaking off my engagement with my fiance (an Aries born March 26, 1988).

     What is to come for or to me in all areas of my life? What signs am I compatible with? Will I ever find true love and have kids, or am I better off being alone?

     Also, I have a close friend (born Feb. 25, 1990) who has always liked me as more than a friend. I'm not sure if I feel the same way for him, and I was always afraid of ruining our friendship. I wonder if we were compatible. But he sort of reminds me of my fiance -- he's into cars and going to rock concerts, he has tattoos, etc. -- there's nothing wrong with that, but I also feel like they both need to grow up a little bit when it comes to that stuff. --

Libra Looking for Answers

eugeniaLet me focus on you first. When it comes to love, you will do best with someone more doting, stable and willing to provide you with security and trust. These factors are important to you, and so they should be. So don't sell yourself short and settle for someone who can't man up and act mature.

     Your tendency to choose the same type of guy is a problem. You are attracted to the bad boy, but you want to turn him into something he is not.

     Stop procrastinating and start looking for men who value commitment, marriage and everything that goes along with it. If you don't, you will end up denying yourself the emotional connection you deserve. You are going through your Saturn return, and this makes you question and re-evaluate your life up to this point. It will have a maturing effect on you, and hopefully you will open your eyes so that you can recognize a good man when you meet him.

     Your compatibility with your fiance lacked on many counts. He falls in an area of your chart that deals with partying and having fun, and although you do have a passionate attraction toward each other, that isn't enough to build a lifelong relationship.

     You do match up to your friend mentally and emotionally, but the physical is not as dynamic. There is an attraction, but more from his side than yours. However, you have to admit the similarities between him and your fiance show a pattern in the type of man you surround yourself with. This comparison indicates sorrow and is best kept as a friendship.

     You are coming into a high cycle regarding love beginning at the end of November and lasting until the end of next summer. Please don't waste time making the same mistakes you have in the past when choosing a partner. You need someone mature enough to develop a long-lasting and loving relationship with you.

Q: Dear Readers,

A: Capricorn,

I have been faced with the challenge of seeking out a change in career. I would like to know if there is any chance of my getting a new employment opportunity in the near future -- especially in the next two months. If so, when may this happen? Will I need to travel overseas? --
I have been faced with the challenge of seeking out a change in career. I would like to know if there is any chance of my getting a new employment opportunity in the near future -- especially in the next two months. If so, when may this happen? Will I need to travel overseas? --




eugeniaYou have had transiting Saturn moving across the top of your chart, and although this usually brings with it some form of notoriety, in your case, it lead to confusion. It isn't that you have a bad chart or that you aren't capable of turning things around -- in fact, your chart is quite decent on many levels, but it suffers with regard to expectations. Being realistic and having the staying power to turn something you do into a viable income has been a problem, as has getting along with the people who can grant you favors or help you advance.

     Your chart is that of someone who should probably be working for themself or in some form of sales that allow you to be out of the office or working on your own most of the time.

     Regarding money, how you earn it and bringing financial stability back into your life, you are coming into a high cycle beginning in September. You should be investing in your own business or something you enjoy doing or do well. Service and products are a good place to begin. Your chart indicates that you have a good imagination and that you can be quite innovative and inventive. Look at the current trends in your country and community, and you'll find a product or service that is in demand.

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