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Readers Email for the week of August 2, 2015

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Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Stressed Aquarius,

I recently took a giant leap and moved by myself to another state, away from a lot of family issues. I just couldn't take it anymore. My dad (born July 14, 1963) was constantly messing with me and asking strange questions about my boyfriend (who I met online). There were a lot of arguments between my dad and me, and there still are. My mom (born June 18, 1964, at around 10 a.m.) would always side with him. For the most part, I had this feeling they were taking out their problems on me. But that was questionable. My brother (born Nov. 26, 1991, at 12:20 a.m.) would do the same. He basically sucked up to them. But it was mostly about my boyfriend (born April 11, 1996, at 1 p.m.). I just want to know if they will get over this drastic move I made, and will everything be better off now? I was born Jan. 31, 1990, at 8:42 p.m. --

Stressed Aquarius

eugeniaYou have been undergoing difficult astrological transits for the past couple of years, causing you to overreact and make impulsive moves and changes, especially pertaining to your home and family.

     You actually have a pretty decent comparison with both your mom and dad, and it is obvious that they want what's best for you, so call it messing with you if you want, but deep down it's love and concern. Your dad's chart indicates that he has been overreacting and is now paying the price because you moved away. As for your mother, she is angry, upset and missing you.

     Your relationship with your brother is a pretty common sibling rivalry-type connection, and it's likely he is tired of you getting most of the attention, even if it hasn't been positive.

     The biggest concern is the rather poor astrological comparison you have with your boyfriend, so hopefully you didn't jump states to live with him. Although you do get along mentally, emotionally and physically, your connection is lacking, and this will eventually lead to problems, blowups and potential abuse.

     Part of the trouble your family has faced over the years is an inability to communicate honestly and that is just as much your fault as everyone else in your parental home.

     I believe a good time to talk matters through and consider moving back to your home state (though not necessarily to your parents' home) is now, as the upcoming year indicates that you should be able to rekindle your relationship with your parents between mid-August and summer 2016.


Q: Dear Eugenia, A:Two Gals in Love,

My girlfriend (born Oct. 28, 1987) and I have been together for about five months, and we just moved in together. Although to most moving in together after only five months would seem too fast, we just seem to click. It's absolutely effortless with her. We do, however, come from very different life paths, and after experiencing heartbreak like most have, I'm scared our differences will end up pushing us apart. Especially since Scorpio and Gemini women aren't the most compatible signs, I feel like she could be the One. What is your opinion? Can she (a Scorpio) and I (born June 7, 1987, at 4:21 p.m.) be this happy together until death do us part, or am I getting ahead of myself? --

Two Gals in Love

eugeniaGeminis are generally way more likely to walk away from a relationship than a Scorpio once a commitment is made. That being said, the comparison you have with your Scorpio is quite good, and as long as you communicate and talk through any differences that arise, I don't see a problem.

     When it comes to love, you have your natal Venus in Taurus and hers is opposite yours in Scorpio, and that is a very nice balance to have between two lovers. Mentally and emotionally, you click as well, so please stop worrying about your individual Sun signs and your different backgrounds and live and enjoy the moment and the unique relationship the two of you have developed.

Q: Dear Eugenia,

A: Concerned Taurus Mom,

I have a daughter born May 4, 1993, at 3:45 p.m. She has always been a follower. She seems to be unable to do anything on her own. She stays home all the time. She has no friends except for her sister (born April 6, 1995, at 11:05 p.m.). She has no job and is currently attending college, but she is uncertain what field she wants to get into. She just seems as though she does not want to grow up. Please tell me when she will grow up and realize she is wasting her time? --

Concerned Taurus Mom



eugeniaNot everyone is a leader or a mover and a shaker, nor do people all mature at the same rate. Your Taurus daughter is a bit of a dreamer, and a little confused emotionally. This makes it difficult for her to know what she wants. With regard to her education, her chart indicates that the past two and a half years, she has harbored a lot of uncertainty regarding what she wants to study along with some limitations and frustrations regarding educational institutions. This transit will lift this fall, and she will find it easier to consider her options and make better choices.

     Regarding work and money, her chart indicates that she should be working in areas that deal with sales, physical activities, travel, teaching or esthetics.

     Her difficulty making friends comes from her natal Saturn being positioned adversely to an area of her chart that deals with friendships and socializing. Not everyone needs to be surrounded by a group of people. Your daughter operates best dealing with one-on-one situations and friendships. Give her time; I think you'll begin to see a big change in her over the next 18 months.

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