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Readers Email for the week of April 13, 2014

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Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Dear Sagittarius,

I have been dealing with an older guy since 2010. He's a 35-year-old Pisces, born March 7, 1979. Our relationship had been more arguing then happy times. We were both unfaithful. I cheated while he was in prison. He cheated a few months after he came home.

     We are supposed to be deeply in love, but we treat each other wrong. We had a fight on New Year's Eve, and since then I have been working toward moving on with my life. He was arrested Jan. 12, 2014. I expressed to him that I am done with our relationship, but he is begging me to give him a second chance. Will things be better if I give him a second chance, or will he ever change? I was born Dec. 16, 1991 at 11:43 a.m. -- Sagittarius

eugeniaYour astrological comparison indicates that you are very drawn to him, but it also suggests that the relationship is full of emotional deception. He falls in an area of your chart that deals with secret affairs, and this is probably all he should have been to you and you to him.

     You didn't submit Mr. Pisces' birth time, but given his past and with the transits he is heading into, he will probably continue to have legal problems, limitations and setbacks for at least the next three years.

     This relationship, if carried forward, will leave you pregnant and uncertain about your future. Please don't go there. Back away now, while you feel strong enough to do so.

     Start working on personal self-improvements. Education, courses or anything that can help you move onward and upward. You match up best to the signs Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn.

Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Dear -- Jaded Cancerean,

This is probably going to be my last attempt to reach you. I was a wreck when I met my ex. He was born Oct. 5, 1998, if I remember correctly. Anyway, I want to ask you about the comparison between him and myself. I was born July 8, 1999, at 12:48 p.m.

     So now that I'm in a better place and state of mind, I want to know whether we really had an astrological connection. He's long since found someone else, but for me it actually bothers me to see them together. I feel like a brat, but I've never gotten stuck on an ex before. In fact, all of my other exes are BFFs with me. So is there any insight you can provide on this situation? For the first time ever, I'm actually lost and frustrated. -- Jaded Cancerean

eugeniaI chose your email to show readers and those submitting questions why your email hasn't been answered in the past and shouldn't be answered now. Guessing the date of birth for your partner is an automatic elimination from my service. Without accurate data, I cannot give specific answers. With that being said, I will continue based on the assumption that Oct. 5, 1998, is, in fact, your ex's birth data.

     Yes, the comparison is interesting, and you do have a strong pull to each other; however, the pull appears to be surface or superficial and not lasting.
     Your Libra man falls in an area of your chart that deals with secrets and cheating. This union isn't meant to be.

     Your chart indicates that you have transiting Saturn moving through an area of your chart that can cause you to feel depressed or let down regarding love the past 18 months. This will continue until the end of the year.

     You will have some opportunities for positive changes both personally and professionally beginning August and remaining with you until summer 2015. Please don't waste this time thinking about your Libra man when you should be focusing on you, your future and achieving success.

Q: Dear Eugenia,

A: Dear Forever Waiting,

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I went to college a few times, but I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. Because of the MS, I couldn't handle the stress of tests and deadlines. The stress would make me sick, and my illness stressed me out even more.

     I'm currently waiting for disability, but I don't know what to do with myself. All of my friends have graduated from college and are starting their lives, and I'm still waiting. Will I ever be able to handle the stresses of a career? Will I ever find my calling? I was born March 29, 1990, at 2:24 a.m. -- Forever Waiting




The areas in your chart that deal with higher education and your health have gone through a very rough period since you were first diagnosed, and it has peaked in the past year. You will continue to be in limbo or feeling uncertain about your future until July, when slowly but surely things start to turn.
     Finding one's niche isn't always easy, but following a direction that allows you to do something you enjoy is a good place to begin.

     Your chart indicates that you should consider a vocation that is unusual and that allows you to help people in some way through the service, hospitality, health or legal sector. It's possible that some positions will require only an apprenticeship or a short course. I think if you follow your heart and put your effort into doing something you enjoy, you will not find the tests or preliminaries as stressful.

     You are coming into a period of greater opportunity with regard to partnerships, learning and finding a path that feels right. This begins in August and will stay with you for the better part of a year. Please keep in mind that when you experience favorable transits, it does not mean everything will magically turn around for you. It means that with the help of favorable transits, if you put in the time and work, you will find success.

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