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Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Dear Waffling Libra,

I've been dating a commitmentphobe for almost five years. He was born Jan. 16, 1955. His characteristics match all the men in my life who I love: my dad and my three sons. It is total joy when I'm with him. We both agree time flies when we are together.

     He shoes he cares but never verbally says it. He won't include me in his life, including meeting his family, going to his apartment or asking me to join him in events of his life. He sees me once a week -- Saturday -- for six to 12 hours at a time; when I try to let him go, he won't let me. He lives 45 minutes away from me. He is a masculine man; he's the one who needs to set the date and entertain me, and he never expects me to pay for anything.

     He always talks about his "other" woman. He has finally defined her as a companion, meaning there is nothing sexual going on with anyone but me.
     I love him. I think a lot of issues come from the fact that he has always lived with someone -- first his mother, then his brother.

     He is so afraid to express his feelings for me. I would like to know how he feels and where this relationship is going so I can have some direction.

     All signs are there to drop him and go forward, but it seems he won't let me go, which I can't understand. I don't want to hurt him. I was born Oct. 6, 1949. --

Waffling Libra

eugeniaIf this Capricorn is going to come around and decide to make a commitment, it will be between now and the end of the year.

     Leaving him may be the push he needs to make a commitment; however, I believe he is holding out for the perfect fit -- and that means someone much younger. Capricorns tend to play with partners much younger or older, but not usually the same age. This being said, I believe that although your astrological comparison is OK, it's not spectacular, and I think he's holding out for a younger version of you.

     He was born with his natal Neptune adversely positioned to his natal Sun, Jupiter and Uranus and possibly conjunct his natal Moon (I can't be sure without a birth time). This means he is emotionally deceptive with both himself and others when it comes to feelings and relationships. I doubt this will ever change, however, he is going through a transit that is prime for settling down later this year and until the middle of next.

     You have been in a high cycle regarding love this summer, so I hope you have been receptive to meeting other potential partners. You match up well to those born under the signs Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Dear Cancer,

Boy, do I have vital questions for you. I was born July 20, 1979, at 6:56 p.m.; my boyfriend was born July 14, 1979. We have had a weird relationship for almost 17 years, and he was my first love. We have been on and off. The longest time we were apart was a year and a half; in 17 years, we've been together for 11 of them.

     He was arrested and sent to jail recently. He has had women on the side over the year, and they are obsessed with him. He has them for a safety measure, I think. After all the times when we weren't together, I would do what I wanted, and I acted single. I wouldn't sit and wait for him. When he kept cheating on me when we were young, I kissed his best friend. So he has trust issues with me, and he can't put the past behind him.

     I love him with all I have, so I have no problems with leaving the past alone. He has done some really bad things, too. I truly believe deep down he is in love with me, but he doesn't know how to trust me. I have his name tattooed at the bottom of my back -- he demanded this because he has my name on his wrist. We are connected by ink for life.

     Are we really meant to be together for life, like we have talked about since being babies? Is he my true love? He still makes me melt when I hear his voice. Will he finally let the past go and move forward and stop throwing it in my face? Can he trust me and not have a backup he's not in love with on call? If this is not meant to be, I may be strong enough to let him go, but he is like family to me. Or maybe I would be OK with being his family because he doesn't have anybody. He went to jail on June 17, 2014. Does he have a chance to beat the case right now, or will he be sent away for a long or short time? --


eugeniaYes, I do believe you are meant to be together for good and for bad. Your astrological charts are intertwined in such a manner that even if you try to walk away, you will eventually find your way back to one another. His trust issues stem back further than you with regard to feeling safe with women in general. This has left him with insecurities, and it doesn't help that he has a tendency to overreact and make assumptions impulsively.

     Without his time of birth, it's impossible for me to say whether he will do time. He is a good talker when in a tight situation, so with a good lawyer he may be able to keep his sentence short if the case is tried before the fall.

Q: Dear Eugenia,

A: Dear Gemini,

My boyfriend (a Cancer born July 7, 2000) is my best friend's (an Aries born April 16, 2000) enemy. They used to be good friends, but she confessed that she was his friend only because she felt bad for him. He is not the best-looking guy out there, but he has such a caring personality, and I love him a lot.

     When the two of them were "friends," I actually had a crush on him. I was one of his good friends and helped him through his problems, and he used to like my best friend. Now that we have been dating for two months, I told my best friend, and she said I have to choose between them because she will not be friends with anyone who associates with him.

     I have gotten into many arguments with her lately, and she won't compromise. I'm trying to make it work both ways. I don't want to pick between my best friend and my boyfriend because I have known her for seven years, and although we are young, I believe it's possible my boyfriend could be "the one." I don't want to pick her and miss out on this opportunity to date the guy I thought I had no chance with and who treats me well and is only mean to my friend when she's mean to him. But I don't want to pick him and lose her, and if he breaks up with me, lose them both. Why can't she just be happy for me? What do I do? I was born June 10, 2000, at 2:55 p.m. --





Lovers come and go, but friends are there forever. You and your boyfriend do not have a good astrological comparison. Yes, you have a physical and an emotional attraction, but on the whole, it lacks mentally.

     He actually compares much better to your ex-friend and his enemy, and it surprises me that you cannot see that. The falling out they had isn't for the reasons you imagine.

     The comparison to your Aries friend is quite good as well, and it's a shame that you have chosen a boyfriend over your ex-bestie. Please rethink your situation and re-evaluate your friendship.

     Your boyfriend falls in an area of your chart that deals with learning, and I believe this connection will turn out to be a life lesson you will not forget. Your ex-girlfriend falls in an area of your chart that deals with partnerships -- this can turn out to be a lifelong connection.

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