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Readers Email for the week of November 22, 2015

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Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Leo,  

I'm in my first relationship. Before this relationship, I was single, and I loved it. I was even an escort. I met my now-boyfriend while I was still escorting. I had been trying desperately to change, create a better life and fall in love when I met my boyfriend. He said he was OK with my job; I knew he was lying -- he hated it -- but he was impressed with the money I could generate.

     I'm thankfully out of that lifestyle and living the life I have always wanted; however, when my boyfriend and I started dating, he accused me of doing things I was not doing. I hate when people do that. Anyway, it got the point where he quit his job, so income quickly got scarce, and we started fighting a lot. He has trust issues with me, even though he has no reason to.

     Well, until I messed up and, in the heat of the moment, saw an old client to drum up some much-needed cash. I did the one thing I swore I would never do: I cheated on him.

     Since then he has been rude, starting fights with me, and it makes me angry that he is so insecure. I did one thing to help us out -- yes, it was wrong, but I have apologized countless times.

     I want to know when and if he will stop being rude. It makes me feel like he is hiding something from me and perhaps it's him messing around behind my back. He is a Taurus, born on April 29, 1980, and I am a Leo, born Aug. 5, 1988, at 8:20 p.m. --


eugeniaWhether he is going to be able to forget and forgive is questionable. The comparison with your Taurus boyfriend indicates sorrow based on deception, and although it is in your favor that you were honest and told him what you did and why, I'm not totally sure that he is giving you the same honesty in return.

     Your Taurus man thinks like an Aries, loves like a Gemini and has the emotions of a Scorpio. He is charming and can easily fabricate and manipulate situations to suit his needs. My fear is that he is hiding his motives and real reason behind his anger. It is apparent that he may not want to work or be as ambitious as you with regard to obtaining a better lifestyle.

     Your chart indicates that you are heading into your first Saturn return in about a year and that you are probably going to want to settle down and have a family. This will require him to pick up the slack and raise his earning potential to meet a family's needs. Please think twice before you head down the aisle with this man. If he hasn't made a point to support you without you feeling you have to resort to your old profession, move on now and look for someone who can help you reach the new life goals you set.


Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Taurus,

I'm a Taurus woman born May 12, 1987, at 11 a.m., who is married to a Sagittarius man born Dec. 9, 1985, and I feel like our connection is fading. I currently work two jobs, and I'm always on the go. I pay 90 percent of the household bills because he has a low-paying job and says he can't afford to pay any bills. I feel used; I'm doing so much, and I don't feel like he's making an effort to find a better job. When he gets low on money, he just borrows from his mom. She doesn't communicate with me -- I'm unsure of the reason. I just want to know if things will get better, and if so, when? --


eugeniaLet me start by saying that the astrological comparison between you and your husband is lacking in almost every area of life. I'm not sure why you have settled for this relationship or are still there. Relationships need to be equal. If someone cannot pay for as much, there are others ways to make up for that. In the case of your Sagittarius, he opts to run home to his mommy and ask for cash -- not very good husband material.

     If you remain in this relationship, you are likely to end up playing the role of his mother in years to come, and quite frankly, you deserve better. Your Sagittarius man falls in an area of your chart that deals with socializing and having children. He should never have been more than a friend, and when it comes to having children, I believe he would be there only for the initial conception, nothing more.

     You are heading into your Saturn return next year, and this will lead to one of two scenarios. If you stay in this relationship, you will probably become pregnant; if you manage to move on, you are likely to advance professionally between now and late next year, followed by finding someone who matches up to you much better between next fall and the end of 2017.

Q: Dear Eugenia,

A: Confused Aries,

I've never been attracted to significantly younger men, but recently, one came into my life who could be an exception. Age aside, we are so different from each other in so many ways that I never thought twice about him when I first met him. But we've been sitting next to each other at work for about two months now, and my attraction to him has been growing over that time period. Since this is happening at work (at a place where I truly love working), the situation also worries me.  

     His constant compliments would seem insincere if he treated anyone else this way, but he doesn't. He frequently asks for my opinion and help on work situations, which require close contact, but seems nervous when I'm physically close to him or when we are alone.

     Co-workers are beginning to notice and comment in a teasing way. Still, it makes me uncomfortable that it's being noticed. Where the hero worship came from, I have no idea, but I'm starting to think it's more than that, and he's just as confused as me.

     Complicating things is that he has a live-in girlfriend; their relationship is extremely rocky and volatile. He's repeatedly said that it needs to end, and even before I realized I was attracted to him, I encouraged him to end it for his own sake. That's one thing I would insist upon before allowing anything intimate to develop between us.

     Considering all the complications, is the potential of this match even worth nurturing? Since it's happening at work, should I even be considering this? If not, how should I handle him? Regardless of anything else, I will still be sitting 6 feet away from him all day at work. I can't help but feel that we were brought together for a reason. Maybe he just needs a mothering influence right now, and I should adjust my perspective and squelch this growing attraction?

     I was born March 22, 1970, at 9:03 p.m. Please keep his data private. --

Confused Aries



eugeniaI can see your confusion, and although I do believe there is a spark between you, it isn't something that is lasting and certainly not worth jeopardizing your job for. Mentally, you do have a connection, and I do believe his attraction is from the heart, but you being the older and more mature of the two must handle this situation in a fashion that will not be detrimental to either of you.

     He falls in an area of your chart that deals with your status and reputation, along with lessons to be learned. Please don't let your attraction to him be a costly mistake that leaves you losing respect amongst your peers and at your workplace. Treat him like a friend and offer him advice, but don't give him any indication that you feel or want anything more.

     He is going through his first Saturn return. It started at the beginning of the year, and it is affecting his home environment. Chances are good his current relationship is going through a make-it-or-break-it period. It may be his crush on you that has made him realize that she isn't the one for him. In that regard, you can help him move on by encouraging him to do so, but don't entertain the thought of being with him in any capacity other than a friendship.

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