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Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Searching for Happiness,

I'm a Sagittarius, born Dec. 8, 1985, at 2:09 a.m. I am married to a Pisces, born March 5, 1985, at 11:32 p.m. We've been together for eight years but married for only one. This relationship has always been a struggle. It's worse than being opposites; not only do we have a problem getting on the same page, we're not even in the same book.

     We see things so differently and he has a controlling manner that doesn't sit well with me. I feel like he treats me like his child rather than his spouse. He thinks just because he's always right and because his intentions are good that I'm supposed to do what he says without question.

     Somehow, even with his controlling ways and my rebellious ways, we have made it work up until now. Lately, I don't know if I have the energy needed to make this marriage work. According to him, he's happy, which makes me feel guilty for wanting to leave because I'm comfortable with him, but I'm no longer happy.

     To make matters worse, I have feelings for a guy I met the year before I got married. He is an Aquarius, born Jan. 26, 1987, and I've never in my life experienced a connection so great with anyone. He was around for a consistent three months, and when I wouldn't leave my husband, my Aquarius man grew distant.

     Not one day goes by when I don't think about him. Will I ever be truly happy with my husband, or is it time to end the marriage? And is the Aquarius someone I could have a happier future with? --

Searching for Happiness      


eugeniaI must admit, your astrological comparison with your husband is not a match made in heaven. He stifles you emotionally, and mentally, you are deceptive regarding your true feelings. Physically, there appears to be some passion, but that has probably dwindled.

     Astrologically, it's obvious that you married because transiting Saturn made you both feel that it was time to take a leap of faith and make it work, but I believe you made a mistake.

     Regarding your Aquarius man, the astrological comparison is pretty decent. Emotionally, mentally and physically, you connect with this man. You should have walked away before you ever made a commitment to your Pisces husband. I'm afraid you have a lot of backtracking to do.


Q: Dear Eugenia, A: Dear Emotionally Wasted,

I was born Oct. 17, 1969, at 4:23 a.m., and I am going through family upheaval. My soon-to-be teenage daughter (born Oct. 16, 2002) is not getting along with my mom (born Sept. 20, 1946) because she wants to control everyone's life.

     We are not giving her that satisfaction though. I have to take care of both of them, but I really need time for me. When will I find time for romance, career and fun? I feel like my life is shut down until my daughter turns 18. I am also trying my best to be a good daughter, but it's trying my patience. --

Emotionally Wasted

eugeniaThe astrological comparison between the three of you is challenging, but not uncommon when it comes to mother-daughter relationships that most people share. However, as you all mature and pass through the different stages of life, hopefully you will develop greater tolerance toward one another.

     Your daughter has a good chart, and hopefully she will use it to make something of her life. She is young now, but she is imaginative, intelligent and if she channels her energy properly, she could go far.

     When it comes to home and family, love and relationships, her chart shows signs of sorrow, which can lead to unwanted pregnancy, not living by the rules set by her elders and conflicts with those who love her. She is unique and will always do things her own way. Love and support is the best way to guide her.

     Your mother has been going through plenty of setbacks the past three years, and she probably feels as burdened and concerned as you. She has also been overreacting this past year, and that has made matters worse. As we head into the summer months, hopefully she will be less likely to do so.

     You are caught in the middle and tend to be overly sensitive, causing you to worry yourself sick when it comes to matters concerning home, family and how you earn a living. If you want time to do your own thing, you have to take it. You don't always have to be the peacekeeper. Take a day go to the library or coffee shop and read a book if you cannot afford to do anything else. It's up to you to find your own peace.

      Your chart indicates that romance and a decent relationship are apparent between this fall and the fall of 2016; however, it will be up to you to join a dating service, get out and participate in things you enjoy, etc., in order to meet someone special.

     Going back to school or taking a night course that can lead to a better position or a hobby you can turn into a lucrative business should be something you engage in now.

     Don't wait for things to happen, be the instigator.

Q: Dear Eugenia,

A: Looking for True Love,

I was born April 15, 1974, at 10:32 p.m. I just recently kicked my ex-boyfriend out of my apartment. He did not want to work. He is a Leo.

     I've been getting along really well with someone who works with me, born April 21, 1968. We laugh, talk, joke and play together. He is so nice to me; he takes care of my car, checks my breaks and has offered to fix them for free. He's such a gentleman. He even took me for breakfast. We are both football fans and share a lot of common interests. Do you think he is going to be in my life forever? --

Looking for True Love



eugeniaYour Aries friend falls in an area of your chart that deals with home, family and having children. Astrologically, you match up well emotionally, mentally and physically, but there is an indication that the relationship could end as quickly as it begins due to outside influences. This could be someone from his or your past, or a friend or relative interfering in your plans.

     Take it slow and savor each moment. That being said, it's probably not possible, given the fact that you are both born under the sign Aries. Enjoy the time you spend, and do your best not to let trivial matters and jealousy come between you.

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