Confidential Consultation
This is a personalized Pay Feature with a confidential astrological email consultation with Eugenia


I want to stress how important it is to submit complete and accurate birthdata - the time and place of birth.
This includes any other persons birth data you submit involved with your concerns or questions.
This data will substantially affect the calculations in casting your Astrological Chart.
This consultation service is $100.00 US.

Please note, This is a highly personalized and intimate consultation and I make a point to spend the time
with my clients to resolve their personal issues and problems. There are no short cuts for this service and
it may take up to six weeks to complete consultations depending on the volume of requests I receive.

I put a priority on answering as quickly as possible.
Thank You for your patience - Eugenia


After submitting you will be directed to a page with instructions to complete payment via PayPal.

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Description of Concern and any Questions
(please include time/day/month/year and place of birth of any other persons involved ie partners, children etc)

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