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ARIES Metal -Iron, Rules -Head, Stone -Ruby, Colors -Bright Red, Cycle -5 Years, Symbol -Ram, Element - Fire, Lucky # 9, Quality -Cardinal, Polarity -Libra, Ruled By - Mars, Lucky Day - Tuesday, Mannerism -Abrupt, Key Phrase - "I Am", Peak Years - 27, 36, 63. TAURUS Metal -Copper, Rules -Ears, Nose & Throat, Stone -Turquoise, Colors - Green, Brown, Cycle - 8 Years, Symbol -Bull, Element - Earth, Lucky # 6, Quality -Fixed, Polarity -Scorpio, Ruled By - Venus, Lucky Day - Friday, Mannerism -Nodding, Key Phrase - "I Have", Peak Years - 24, 42, 76. Gemini Metal -Quicksilver, Rules -Arms, Shoulders, Stone -Topaz, Colors -Yellow, Fawn, Cycle - 2 Years, Symbol - Twins, Element - Air, Lucky # 5, Quality -Mutable, Polarity -Sagittarius, Ruled By - Mercury, Lucky Day - Wednesday, Mannerism -Gesticulation, Key Phrase - "I Think", Peak Years -27, 42, 58. Cancer Metal -Silver, Rules -Stomach, Stone -Pearl, Moonstone, Color -White, Robins Egg Blue, Cycle - 7 Years, Symbol -Crab, Element - Water, Lucky # 2 & 7, Quality -Cardinal, Polarity -Capricorn, Ruled By - Moon, Lucky Day -Monday, Mannerism -Crab-like, Key Phrase - "I Feel", Peak Years -28, 49, 63. Leo Metal -Gold, Rules -Heart, Stone -Diamond, Color -Amber, Orange, Cycle - 10 Years, Symbol -Lion, Element -Fire, Lucky # 1, Quality -Fixed, Polarity -Aquarius, Ruled By - Sun, Lucky Day -Sunday, Mannerism -Cat Like, Key Phrase - "I Will", Peak Years -20, 43, 60. Virgo Metal -Quicksilver, Rules -Intestines, Stone -Topaz, Color -Navy, Gray, Mustard, Cycle - 8 Years, Symbol -Virgoan, Element -Earth, Lucky #5, Quality -Mutable, Polarity -Pisces, Ruled By -Mercury, Lucky Day -Wednesday, Mannerism -Fidgety, Key Phrase - "I Analyze", Peak Years -25, 30, 47 Libra Metal -Copper, Rules -Kidneys, Stone -Turquoise, Color -Pink, Blue, Cycle - 7 Years, Symbol -Scales, Element -Air, Lucky #6, Quality -Cardinal, Polarity -Aries, Ruled By -Venus, Lucky Day -Friday, Mannerism -Equipoise, Key Phrase - "I Balance ", Peak Years -24, 36, 48. Scorpio Metal - Iron, Rules - Sexual Organs, Stone - Bloodstone, Color - Deep Reds, Cycle - 3 Years, Symbol -The Scorpion, Element -Water, Lucky #9, Quality -Fixed, Polarity - Taurus, Ruled By -Mars, Pluto, Lucky Day - Tuesday, Mannerism - Distinctive Walk, Key Phrase - "I Desire ", Peak Years -27, 36, 68. SAGITTARIUS Metal -Tin, Rules -Thighs, Hips, Stone -Amethyst, Colors -Violet, Purple, Cycle -6 Years, Symbol -Archer, Element -Fire, Lucky # 3, Quality -Mutable, Polarity -Gemini, Ruled By -Jupiter, Lucky Day -Thursday, Mannerism -Equine, Key Phrase - "I See", Peak Years - 19, 30, 49 CAPRICORN Metal -Lead, Rules -Knees, Stone -Black Pearl, Colors -Brown, Black, Cycle -10 Years, Symbol -Goat, Element -Earth, Lucky # 8 -, Quality -Cardinal, Polarity -Cancer, Ruled By -Saturn, Lucky Day -Saturday, Mannerism -Stillness, Key Phrase - "I Use", Peak Years - 27, 45, 60. AQUARIUS Metal -Uranium, Rules -Ankles, Stone -Aquamarine, Colors -Ice Blue, Green, Teal, Cycle -4 Years, Symbol -Water-bearer, Element - Air, Lucky # 4, Quality -Fixed, Polarity -Leo, Ruled By - Uranus, Lucky Day - Friday, Mannerism -Eccentricity, Key Phrase - "I Know", Peak Years - 32, 50, 67. Pisces Metal -Neptunium, Rules -Feet, Stone -Emerald, Colors -Mauve, Sea-green, Cycle -3 Years, Symbol - Fish, Element - Water, Lucky # 7, Quality -Mutable, Polarity -Virgo, Ruled By - Neptune, Lucky Day - Friday, Mannerism -Imitations, Key Phrase - "I Believe", Peak Years - 33, 47, 69. READERS EMAIL: DEAR EUGENIA: Or whoever answers this... I was born April 3, 1974, at 6:05 a.m. I'm independent, hard working, caring to a fault and passionate. I have been in a relationship now for about six months, and we are engaged. She's an Aquarius with quite a past. She was born Jan. 30, 1978. I get the feeling she might slip back into her past and even relive some of it -- possibly cheating on me. She claims to be open and honest, but something doesn't feel quite right. Any thoughts? – Aries DEAR ARIES: I answer every email that makes it to my column personally. Regarding your astrological comparison with your Aquarius fiancée, it is fabulous emotionally, mentally and physically. As far as cheating, your comparison does show an inkling of deception. This shows up in an area of your chart that deals with discussing your relationship with friends and peers -- past, present and future. She falls in an area of your chart that represents secret affairs; therefore, the answer lies in how your relationship began. If either one of you was in a relationship with someone else when you became intimate with each other you should probably run. If not, the comparison is decent enough to move toward matrimony. ** ** ** DEAR EUGENIA: At school everyone thinks I'm a punk. I'm not. There are a lot of people I want to fight. The thing is, I don't want to be suspended from school. On the last day of school, I plan to fight everyone I don't like. Should I do this? I stand up for myself, but no one takes me seriously. People like to low blow me. One day they are my friends, and the next day they hate me. What should I do? I was born June 3, 1999, at 5:03 p.m. – Gemini DEAR GEMINI: You have a great chart. You are smart, innovative, inventive and don't need to pull the aggressive fight attitude to be a winner. The sweetest revenge is your own success. By that, I mean do well in school and find a sport, hobby or pastime you enjoy, and give it your all. Most importantly, do your best to be fun to be with, and you won't feel the need to fight anyone. You've had a transit moving through your chart that is causing you to overreact, indulge and basically blow situations out of proportion since the middle of last year. Last fall, another transit kicked in, causing emotional deception with friends. With transiting Saturn moving over your ascendant, it is causing depression. You are going through your first Half-Life Saturn, and it's bound to be a lesson in relationships with friends and first loves. Try to chill and do as I suggested until the summer, and you will find it much easier after handling the life lessons you are about to encounter. Everyone goes through half-life Saturn at your age, so keep in mind that your classmates are also experiencing the difficulties that come with this first life lesson. Be humble, understanding and, most of all, compassionate, and you'll come out a winner. ** ** ** DEAR EUGENIA: I am in a relationship with a younger man. It started out well. I have done a lot to help him, but now I feel he can't find the time of day for me. He claims to be going through problems, but he won't tell me what they are. On top of everything else, I am pregnant. I told him, but he has not responded. I'm very confused. His birth date is Oct. 11, 1988, and mine June 29, 1974, at 12:08 a.m. – Cancer DEAR CANCER: I can see the attraction, but not a long-term connection. This relationship is unpredictable, with the on-again-off-again mentality that can drive you crazy. Your Libra is not ready for the responsibility you have just conveyed to him, and even if he tries to man up and do what he thinks is right, he will end up resenting you. If you want to keep the baby do so, but don't use it as a means to make your boyfriend remain in your life. It's true your physical compatibility is good, but that isn't enough to endure the test of time. (To have Eugenia answer your queries:, click Dear Eugenia and fill in the form, or send your snail mail to Eugenia Last, 150 Main St. N., Box 74117, Brampton, Ont., Canada, L6V 4J7. Please submit complete birth data.) (Eugenia's websites --, Eugenia's Android app -- and join Eugenia on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn.)

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