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Mercury turns direct this week and Venus is now transiting through Leo. Lots of action in the sky and relief for everyone who fears Mercury retrograde instead of using it to tie up loose ends and work on creative endeavors. As for Venus passing through the constellation of Leo it’s a great time for love, personal improvement and offering help in innovative and creative ways. Don’t sit back and let life pass you buy during this amorous transit, use the good china and be sure to where the purple hat. Life is to enjoy and Venus in Leo makes it easy to let go of your inhibitions and have some fun. READERS EMAIL: DEAR EUGENIA: The last six years have been traumatic for me, due to the passing of my husband, my dog and my mum. Currently, I am going through a financial crisis. I am drawn to going back to live in my place of birth. There is a position available within my company in that region, but I seem to be blocked by the people I work with in achieving that job. Please tell me what is going on in my life. -- Sad Virgo DEAR SAD VIRGO: I'm sorry for your losses; however, moving forward is your salvation. This is the perfect time to make that move. Strive to be back in familiar territory before the end of August. With the move, your finances will improve and bring you greater stabilization. If the company you currently work for is a deterrent, check out similar positions in companies that are located where you want to be and that can offer you the type of advancement and benefits you are looking for. The timing is right, but it's up to you to take the initiative and make things happen. You have a transit moving through your natal chart that isn't conducive to having friends and colleagues help you; therefore, it's important that you stand on your own two feet and push forward on your own steam. You will experience a learning curve that starts during the last quarter of this year and the first three quarters of next year. This should help you pick up additional skills that will lead to a higher income. You are going to be in a high cycle regarding your finances between July and November; however, you will also face some physical issues if you do not take care of your health and wellness. Dealing with contracts, settlements and any legal issues you face will turn in your favor during this time, especially if you are precise in asking for what you want. Don't rule out falling in love again. You match up well to the signs Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Pisces. **                                **                                ** DEAR EUGENIA: I was dating a man who was born Feb. 12, 1981, at 3:51 p.m. While we were dating, he ran into some legal trouble. I stuck it out with him for a couple weeks, but during that period, a man who was interested in me was giving heavy hints that we would be perfect together. This man was born Oct. 29, 1992, at 5:26 a.m. I left my Aquarius about a week ago due to the fact that he is eluding his probation officer and refuses to do what's right. I have legal issues of my own, and I don't need to share his. The day I split from my Aquarius, my Scorpio came to me, and we really hit it off. It's only been about four days that we have been romantic together; however, I truly feel a connection. My concern is this my Aquarius is truly in love with me and I him, but he is facing 10 years in prison and will serve nine. My Scorpio is young but mature, and I want to know if we can make it. Should I wait nine years for my Aquarius? Or maybe just find someone new? Please help! I was born Feb. 28, 1983, at 11:33 p.m. -- Confused Pisces DEAR CONFUSED PISCES: Your natal chart is extremely intertwined with your Aquarius man. Regardless of whether you stay with him and see him through his nine-year lockup, he will come and go in and out of your life one way or another. This is a karmic relationship that still needs to be put to rest. You do, however, fall in an area of his chart that deals with dead ends, so at some point, one of you will experience the loss of the other. Your Scorpio man, on the other hand, falls in an area of your chart that deals with secret affairs or a short encounter that can lead to unwanted pregnancy. His chart indicates that he is going through a period that is focused on settling down, so you are seeing a side of him that is stable right now. You fall in an area of his chart that deals with socializing and having children. Although you do match up to both partners emotionally, mentally and physically, your chart indicates that you don't have the patience to wait nine years. On the other hand, the comparison with your Scorpio man indicates that this relationship will end as quickly as it began. **                                **                                ** DEAR EUGENIA: I'm in an eight-plus-year relationship with a Scorpio (born Nov. 13, 1978), who I'm completely miserable with, even though our signs are supposed to be so compatible. My previous relationship was with someone who I believe was the one and only love of my life (born Sept. 4, 1978). He passed away after only three short years together, and I still feel the pain of losing him every day, 10 years later. I started dating my boyfriend 14 months after I lost the love of my life, but back then and even now I never thought it would last or lead to us being with each other for this long. He's not and never has been passionate, caring or attentive. He's incredibly selfish, insensitive and distant. He never opens up to me about how he's feeling, and he doesn't seem to care much about mine. He says he does, but he has trouble knowing how to communicate that to me. I think he's too selfish to try, and I'm constantly left feeling insecure and completely alone because of it. There's no connection on an emotional level, and it feels like we've just been existing with each other, not living with or loving each other. I'm so afraid that I'm never going to be happy like I was with my ex and that I've just wasted all this time that part of me thinks I can make it work if I try harder or if I can get him to try harder. Another part, though, is craving happiness and an emotional connection that I don't want to live without any more. Am I supposed to stay with him, and will things ever change, or do I have to accept that I tried and failed at this? I was born July 22, 1981, at 8:23 a.m. -- Lost and Lonely DEAR LOST AND LONELY: Your astrological comparison with your Scorpio partner is more like a friendship or sibling relationship, not that of a passionate, committed, lifelong connection. He was your stepping-stone. The short but meaningful relationship with your Virgo partner was certainly a meant-to-be connection, but it, too, was not a comparison that showed longevity. You are heading into a high cycle regarding love over the summer months, making it important for you to free up your time so that you can meet new and compatible partners. Your chart indicates that you are not one to accept or make changes, and that's what has kept you in the relationship for so long. You should have made your move at least two years ago. You are overdue for a shake-up. A new job, surrounding yourself with interesting friends, signing up for courses or making a physical move or a lifestyle change are all within reach. Please don't let your stayed Cancer ways keep you bound to a loveless life that brings you sadness and regret. Step out of your comfort zone and live each day in the moment. Expand your interests and your friendships, and you will enhance your life. (To have Eugenia answer your queries:, click Dear Eugenia and fill in the form. Please submit complete birth data.) (Eugenia's websites -- Eugenia's Android app -- Join Eugenia on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn.)