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Movement in the sky…

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Everyone can sigh with relief as Mercury turns direct on the 25th allowing us to get back on track and start making new plans for future prospects.

The other change in the heavens will be Venus moving into the sensual sign Scorpio on the Friday the 24th where it will remain until November 16th.

Venus in Scorpio represents very strong and passionate sexual desires. It also contributes to jealous, secretive and intensely emotional tendencies if personal situations become the least bit unstable.

Having a do or die attitude must be controlled during this period. It’s all about making love not war. If you allow your imagination to wander and you begin to think you are being played or someone is not being loyal resentment and revenge will set in causing unnecessary problems.  So keep relationship encounters upbeat and fun and refuse to let that green eyed monster take over causing jealousy and suspicion.

Put more energy into creative pleasures like viewing vivid art at your local gallery or attending a concert or other means of lively entertainment and it will help alleviate both you and the object of your desires from becoming unruly.


DEAR EUGENIA: My life has been in a steady downhill spiral, and I don’t know what move to make next for fear of making my situation worse. Financially and love-wise, I’ve run out of options, and I want to know if there’s anything positive I can look forward to. Will my luck change for the better in these areas, or am I beating a dead horse? I’m currently looking for a second job to help pay off a few debts and save so I can relocate to Nevada. Will these plans work in my favor?

I’m heartbroken and in a financial hole. What should my next move be? I was born March 2, 1985, at 11 a.m. — Broken

DEAR BROKEN: For every negative, there is an equal positive; unfortunately, it’s difficult to see the positive when immersed in the negative. It’s time to shake off all that’s happened and start putting you first. Invest in your skills and your desire to make the move you want to make.

Your natal chart is actually very good with regard to work and money; however, you have gone through a very negative year when it comes to how you earn your living. You are now in a high cycle regarding relocation and education. In other words, if you focus on making a move to a place that has more to offer in an industry that interests you and you pick up whatever skills you need to make this situation happen, you will experience a progressive year that brings you great satisfaction and helps you reach your goals.

When it comes to love, you are heading into a high cycle that will remain with you until next summer, so don’t waste time — get moving and fill your time with self-improvement regarding job prospects and relocation so that you can take advantage of these favorable love transits in your new digs and surroundings.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I am at a point in my life where everything is at a standstill. I have made many financial mistakes that have caused me great debt. I have always maintained a job, and I have even completed college coursework. I am a single mother with two beautiful daughters.

I also have a male companion (born July 15, 1970). He has been in my life since 2007, and we have had some highs and lows. More highs than lows, but our lows were really lows for me. I have given him another chance, and I must say that this time around is a lot better than before. However, I still have my reservations.

I have been feeling down on myself because of my setbacks, and it’s causing me to feel insecure and afraid of moving forward. I love my job, but the pay is not great. I still feel reservations with my boyfriend, and my oldest has moved out to begin her life. We all have been through a great deal of trials. Losing family, friends and strained friendships. I am seeking my life’s purpose. I know I am so much greater than how I am living. I have faith, but I get discouraged. I was born Aug. 18, 1975, at 9:36 a.m. — In Limbo

DEAR IN LIMBO: You are right: You could be more, but you aren’t making the sacrifices required to reach your goals. You’ve taken the path of least resistance. Yes, I know that is easy for me to say, but unfortunately, opportunities don’t just appear; you have to make things happen.

Your relationship is probably partly to blame. You are staying in a situation more for convenience than for love. The comparison isn’t great, and it shows emotional deception and sorrow. When it comes to love, you were born with a difficult aspect in your chart that can lead to a poor choice of partners and, therefore, an astrological comparison is necessary before you jump in and live with someone. You probably made a mistake taking your partner back. It would be wise to rethink your choice in order to be open for better romantic opportunities.

Financial mistakes are a learning experience and take a plenty of hard work to reverse, but it is apparent that you should be able to do so if you talk to a financial planner and set up a workable budget. Loving your job is a wonderful thing, so I’d never say to quit and look for something more lucrative that you don’t enjoy. Picking up a second job to help you get out of the financial crisis you are in isn’t a bad idea.

You are heading into a year that can be confusing and difficult when dealing with institutions such as hospitals, banks and schools as well as dealing with government agencies or the legal system. Any situation that involves such dealings must be handled smartly and quickly. On the favorable side, it is apparent that someone you may have worked with or been close to in your past may be able to help you and should be contacted.

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DEAR EUGENIA: In the last year, I’ve realized that I’m a lesbian, and the whole time I’ve been with the same girl, but it’s been off and on until last month. This has been our longest breakup, but it doesn’t feel like a complete breakup, especially considering that we have an apartment together and share a bed.

She is very controlling. Even while broken up, I’m not allowed to speak to certain people or do certain things. I have to tell her everywhere I go, and if I take too long, she’ll call asking where I am and why I’m taking too long. I love her so much that I allow it.

She was born June 8, 1995, at 6:45 p.m. I was born Dec. 13, 1995, at 6:30 a.m. Am I wasting my time thinking we can be together and be happy, or should I continue to try? She still tells me she loves me at least once a day, and she can be sweet when no one else is around. It makes me hesitant to give up and leave. — Mixed Emotions

DEAR MIXED EMOTIONS: I can see your dilemma clearly and understand how difficult it is to pull yourself away from this situation, but your astrological comparison indicates emotional deception and manipulation. I do see the strong physical connection that keeps drawing you both together, but mentally, it is not a good fit and will eventually lead to a final breakup. It is a controlling relationship based on her insecurities — not yours — and unfortunately, she will bring this personality trait into every relationship she encounters.

You are young and you have just begun your life journey regarding relationships. Don’t feel the need to settle so quickly. Between now and next summer, you should be spending your time gaining experience, picking up skills and educating yourself to follow a path that ensures you have a bright future. If this relationship is hindering you from accomplishing goals, it’s best to walk away.

Beginning next summer until fall 2016, you will be in a much better astrological cycle regarding love, so bide your time and get more dating experience behind you, and you will eventually find true love. Your chart indicates that you will always do best with partners who are significantly younger or older than you are. When they are too close to you in age, it creates a problem.

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