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While the Sun transits through each constellation for approximately 30 days it does take on an overall flavor of the sign it’s passing through when doing so. Sagittarius is an energetic and outgoing sign, playful and adventurous but it also possesses military qualities and a desire to form a universal bond at whatever cost. That makes this time of the year one that can lead to conflict or bring about resolution depending on how it impacts different nations on a global front.

On a personal level it brings about the same uncertainty amongst friends and family. So keep in mind that tolerance, patience and the willingness to listen to both sides of an issue will be necessary in order to find an intelligent and peaceful resolution to any problems that arise.

On the whole the Sun in Sagittarius usually puts a positive spin on what’s happening and this year in particular this Sun position will represent the luscious, exciting, world citizen that the Archer represents bringing about a desire for change and greater opportunity to negotiate on behalf of this great planet we inhabit, so stand up, be counted and prepare to make a difference. Now is the time to side with Mother Nature or she will as she has in the past fight back with vengeance.

This being the festive season you may want to consider the generosity that goes along with the sign Sagittarius. Therefore before you are tempted to overspend set a strict budget and stick to it. If you are tempted to let your money slip through your fingers make it count by donating to an organization or cause you believe in.

Be generous of heart, mind, body and soul. It’s not what you spend it’s what you offer mentally, physically and emotionally to those less fortunate. Let kindness be your guide to a happiness this festive season and you will end the year on a happy note.


DEAR EUGENIA: My husband kicked my 4-year-old son and me out of our home for a 20-year-old stripper. We were married for 19 years. I moved to try and start over. I was introduced to a man, but I’m not attracted to him. He doesn’t do anything or spend any amount on my child and myself. I feel so sad, ashamed and embarrassed all the time. I am an attractive woman and he is very unattractive, but I feel kind of sorry for him. Will I ever find love again? I was born Dec. 23, 1977, at 7:12 p.m. — Lonely

DEAR LONELY: Being with someone for the sake of not being alone is detrimental to finding true love, happiness and self-respect.

You didn’t mention your current boyfriend or your son’s birth data, so I have to rely on only your chart to answer you.

There is no indication that you cannot find love; in fact, you are heading into a high cycle between now and the fall of next year. However, if you are involved with someone, it’s not conducive to meeting someone new. Consider an Aries, Leo, Libra or Aquarius for greater compatibility.

For now, focus on you and your son and being able to pay your own way rather than depending on someone else to spend money on you. Doing your best to upgrade your skills in order to raise your earning potential should be a priority.

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DEAR EUGENIA: It has been a year of transition for me. I moved across the country and lost my mom suddenly. I moved to pursue a change in career. I am networking in my new location, but I am also looking into returning to school with the possibility of getting funding assistance through research. I am not sure which path to pursue more aggressively, or should I continue with both and see what shakes out?

I was born Oct. 5, 1986, at 10:46 a.m. — Libra in Limbo

DEAR LIBRA IN LIMBO: Educational pursuits get a huge astrological push between now and spring 2016, so I wouldn’t want to see you lose out on the chance to upgrade while your timing is good. However, you are also heading into your first Saturn return, which means you will continue to re-evaluate the past and question your direction as you work your way to a better future. Expect to put in long hours and face some depression and frustration along the way. If you use discipline to strive to reach your goals, the outcome will be advantageous.

Taking on too much will be impossible to avoid, but as long as you do so knowing that you won’t have much time for anything else, you will do OK. A problem with a faculty member is possible if your expectations don’t match what’s being offered, so do your research and make sure you get the courses that will lead to the end result you are looking for.

You’ll have to be creative to keep both work and studies up to par, but in doing so, you will excel.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I lost the love of my life 19 days ago, and my whole world has been turned upside down. Should I try to keep moving on with my life the best I can, or should I keep a promise I made to her? Other than prayer, is there any way I can tell her how much she means to me and that I’ll always love her? I would die just to be with her for one more minute. I love her so much — more than life itself. I was born March 22, 1987, at 2:30 a.m. — Hurting Aries

DEAR HURTING ARIES: I am so sorry for your loss, but the gift of life is precious and must be treated as such. You can only move forward. No matter what promise you made to each other, it was based on life — not death. If you love someone as much as the two of you loved each other, you can only want the most and the best for the other person. She would want you to move forward and be happy.

You are in a high cycle regarding love over the upcoming year, making it important for you to get out and mingle. There is someone special out there waiting for you, and it would be a shame at your young age to not enjoy what life has to offer.

You match up well to the signs Aries, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius. It is apparent that someone from your past or someone who reminds you of the love of your life is in your future.

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